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    It is interesting, but since the BND is rumored to have a 'listening post' in the Pamir Mts./Pamir Plateau; it
    is no surprise that R&S would be a supplier to the Chinese.

    According to this news article, R&S conducted tests for the Chinese government, that resulted in
    a contract for R&S to construct at least 6 CDAA's (direction finders) in China.

    This may be one of the R&S sites.

    You can also find this site in the KMZ file (China folder #3 - listed as Zang Jiayinqcun) at the following Google
    Earth Community thread.…ary-moderated/O68Xo80rK_E

    Anyone have information on where R&S may have constructed CDAA's in China?????

    The following links to Internet articles may be of interest: (Articles are in English and you may have to use Google translate).…re-on-soviet-sigint-sites…allations-part-iii-may-27

    All these sites (and more), have been place-marked in Folders #1, #2 and #2A on this thread on Google Earth Community

    Google Earth Community-->Military-Moderated -->Soviet KRUG…ted/O68Xo80rK_E%5B1-25%5D (Direct Link)

    This additional article, describes an additional 10 Soviet/Russian intercept sites that were dedicated to
    intercepting SatCom transmissions.…opping-station-identified

    A GE KMZ file has already been compiled, and will soon appear on a GEC thread under one of the military categories.

    Interesting site, that appears to be a SIGINT site. I'll attempt to find out more about this site. Just to the NE, there appears to be some

    type of circular antenna under construction. Older imagery does not show any signs of an antenna in this section of the site.

    There are 3 old Soviet KRUG antennas located in the Khaborovsk area.

    Site 1: 48 30 25 24N / 135 17 38 30E Subordinate to KGB

    Site #2 48 26 08 38N / 135 21 23 56E Also known as Sergeyvka #1 Subordinate to KGB

    Site #3 48 22 56 60N / 135 15 12 99E Also known as Sergeyvka#2 Subordinate to GRU/SOVIET NAVY

    The site located at 43 02 42 14N / 131 48 20 32E is an old Soviet HFDF system (dismantled) designated as a FIX24 by US/UK/NATO. This site

    was known as Vladisvostok/Rynda.

    Also at 43 02 59 19N / 131 48 01 48E is another old Soviet HFDF system (dismantled) known as a THICK EIGHT.

    At 43 03 06 55n / 131 47 51 54e is the SIGINT base, that now has several dish antennas.

    The site located at 42 51 36 35N / 132 47 23 16E, just west of Nakhodka, appears to be a SIGINT site.

    The St Petersburg/Krasvovo Selo SIGINT site is located at: 59 44 15 65N / 30 01 31 56E Just south of the site and south of the road in

    the old antenna field at: 59 43 24 14N / 30 01 55.52E, is an old Soviet THICK EIGHT HFDF system (dismantled).

    I notice there was mention of a 'closed SIGINT' thread/forum, and thought you might have a 'secret code' to

    access this closed forum. :icon_biggrin_1: I've enjoyed reading most of the threads. Very informative. I posted a link to a GE KMZ

    file (Soviet KRUG, under the military section) that lists many of the hfdf sites mentioned on this forum, as well as many former hfdf sites in the old Soviet Union, China, US, UK, and a folder for hfdf sites in other countries (Germany, Japan, Taiwan, etc). It may be of interest to your forum members.

    Thanks for the welcome.

    Enjoy reading the items on your forum..........especially the Signals Intelligence threads..

    Is there a closed forum on Signals Intelligence that is more active?

    Big Ear....there is no Soviet KRUG (wullenweber) listed at Cologne, in the file on the Google Earth Community thread I posted a link to.

    This file contains every KRUG that was constructed by the Soviets within the old Soviet Union, and the sites are confirmed by documents declassified
    by the CIA.

    Where the link to Cologne came from, is a mystery to me, since I didn't post that on my entry.

    This is the link to the GEC thread...…um/gec-military-moderated

    If for some reason, it does not take you directly to the thread and you get to GEC entry on 'military moderated,' then find the 'SOVIET KRUG' thread and click on that. It will take you to the correct file.

    This GEC Kmz file was updated on July 15th. In addition to folders dedicated the the Soviet hfdf sites, it also has folders for

    the Chinese hfdf sites, the US/UK sites, and a folder dedicated to 'all other' country CDAA's (including Germany).

    The following documents may be of interest....

    Here is an extensive Google Earth file on Wullenweber sites in the former Soviet Union, which were referred to as a KRUG (circle). They also constructed several

    smaller systems (FIX24 - THICK EIGHT), which was based on the German Wullenweber technology. Go to the following Google Earth Community thread:…itary-moderated%5B1-25%5D

    Click on Soviet KRUG, and you'll find folders dedicated to the old Soviet Union, China, US, UK and other countries who

    have used the Wullenweber (CDAA) technology.

    This GEC kmz file contains folders dedicated to the Soviet Union, China, US/UK CDAA's, and a folder that locates

    CDAA's used by other countries (Japan, Taiwan, Spain, France, Germany, etc). It was updated on July 15th.

    If anyone is interested in the location of the old Soviet and Warsaw Pact Sigint/HFDF sites (KRUG/FIX24/THICK EIGHT), the US FRD-10/FLR-9 sites,

    UK/US Plessey Pusher sites, Chinese sites and a folder that includes CDAA's of other nations (including a few in Germany); you are welcome to visit

    Googel Earth Community…um/gec-military-moderated

    Click on the Soviet KRUG thread to view the file that contains (currently) ,8 folders that are devoted to the seperate entities listed above.

    If you have information on additional sites that are not in this file; feel free to post the coordinates on the GEC thread, or this thread. The

    file is updated as new information becomes available.