GUS (ehemals sowjetische) Abhöreinrichtungen

  • Auf dem Gebiet der GUS betreibt/betrieb man ebenfalls Kreisantennen (Wullenweber).
    Sie heissen/hiessen dort Krug HFDF (High Frequency Direction Finding)
    Einige Anlagen scheinen noch aktiv andere weniger zu sein.

    SVR ( Sluzhba Vneshney Razvedki), Zentale russischer Auslandsnachrichtendienst
    55°35'5.11"N 37°31'8.99"E

    Russland, Moskau
    55°43'7.70"N 38° 0'10.26"E

    Russland, Moskau
    55°55'58.84"N 37°36'45.95"E

    Russland, Moskau
    55°27'56.03"N 37°22'10.30"E

    Russland, Yekaterinburg
    56°47'31.47"N 60°54'38.01"E

    Russland, Promyshlenny
    67°38'29.54"N 63°54'37.14"E

    Russland, Irkutsk
    52°34'59.25"N 104°32'14.79"E

    Russland, Irkutsk
    52°35'54.05"N 104°32'33.32"E

    Russland, Chernaya Rechka
    48°26'8.41"N 135°21'23.41"E

    Russland, Chernaya Rechka
    48°30'26.68"N 135°17'42.99"E

    Russland, Khabarovsk
    48°22'56.92"N 135°15'17.74"E

    Russland, Petropavlovsk
    53° 2'8.44"N 158°48'1.11"E

    Weissrussland, Minsk
    53°58'31.27"N 27°37'28.56"E

    Ukraine, Karkov
    49°52'25.49"N 36° 9'1.79"E

    Ukraine, Odessa
    46°26'1.34"N 30°30'9.38"E

    Ukraine, Odessa
    46°26'30.65"N 30°30'1.24"E

    Turkmenistan, Izkant
    38°10'34.15"N 58° 5'41.72"E

  • Here is an extensive Google Earth file on Wullenweber sites in the former Soviet Union, which were referred to as a KRUG (circle). They also constructed several

    smaller systems (FIX24 - THICK EIGHT), which was based on the German Wullenweber technology. Go to the following Google Earth Community thread:…itary-moderated%5B1-25%5D

    Click on Soviet KRUG, and you'll find folders dedicated to the old Soviet Union, China, US, UK and other countries who

    have used the Wullenweber (CDAA) technology.

    This GEC kmz file contains folders dedicated to the Soviet Union, China, US/UK CDAA's, and a folder that locates

    CDAA's used by other countries (Japan, Taiwan, Spain, France, Germany, etc). It was updated on July 15th.

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