Bottom of the world - Tierra del Fuego

  • Here an Argentinian HF site in Ushuaia on Tierra del Fuego presumably for radio traffic around Cape Horn and the Falkland Islands.

    The building in the lower right is a superb restaurant called Kaupé. The tables in the restaurant look out right through the antenna farm. Perfect place for a radio hobbyist to eat.

    The web site for the restaurant tries to avoid the antennas in their photos, but you can see them if you look.

    Ushuaia is a small city crammed between the Darwin Channel and the mountains at the foot of Patagonia. It has more interesting antennas inside the city limits than anywhere else I have been.

    Ciao & buen provecho

  • And now it's time for the commercial break.

    Umh... Sorry. After I clicked away 10 photos I saw some antenna poles, I guess.

  • Poles? You mean the HF log periodic, a pair of HF T2FD doublets and a stacked array of HF dipoles. There is another site across the street directly behind the restaurant containing more antennas and the equipment buildings.

    I posted this one first because it is the only time in my travels I have encountered a restaurant in the middle of a military antenna installation.